ManyMonths Natural Woollies Fantasy Helmet UNiQUE

ManyMonths Natural Woollies Fantasy Helmet UNiQUE

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ManyMonths® Natural Woollies Fantasy Helmet - UNiQUE Series

Jump right into the captivating tales of old with our ManyMonths® Fantasy Helmet. A standout piece in our special UNiQUE Series, this helmet is inspired by the magic of the Medieval times and comes with the goodness of natural woollies rib.

Made from high-quality natural merino wool rib, this soft helmet is not just striking in its design but also has unbeatable benefits. The merino wool provides excellent temperature control, ensuring your young one is cozy in both cool and warm settings. It's breathable, draws out moisture, and avoids skin irritation, making every adventure as limitless as their dreams. Fits well underneath a bike or ski helmet too.

Its design brings to mind images of brave knights, wise kings, and mysterious forest protectors, making the Fantasy Helmet a must-have for every tale. Whether stepping into a make-believe world or just enjoying the day, this helmet ensures that our children are always ready for the part. Plus, it highlights the important role imaginative play plays in a child's growth, encouraging creativity and understanding.

Borrowing elements from our well-loved Earflap Beanie, this helmet promises a close, comfy fit. Showcasing two-tone colors, a smooth curved front, and soft wool ties, it's both charming and practical. It comes in sizes Charmer/Explorer and Adventurer & Beyond (up to Enthusiast/Lionheart), fitting young adventurers of different ages.

The ManyMonths® Natural Woollies Fantasy Helmet isn't just another piece of clothing; it's a UNiQUE ticket to grand stories, epic adventures, and the simple joys of being a creative child. Dive into the story and let the brave tales come to life. Makes a wonderful gift too.

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Charmer/Explorer Adventurer&Beyond

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