Ki ET LA sunglasses CraZyg-Zag SUN Pilote 6-9y.

Ki ET LA sunglasses CraZyg-Zag SUN Pilote 6-9y.

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KI ET LA sun glasses Crazyzag Pilote to 6-9y.
Ki ET LA Sunglasses - 100% UV protection, especially designed and made for children, trendy and environmentally friendly.

The frames are light, 100% unbreakable & flexible, made of shatter-resistant hypo-allergenic elastomer and can be freely twisted. Grazyzag models have zigzag elastic part.

Maximum Protection

High-quality polycarbonate unbreakable & anti-scratch lenses (works for prescription lenses too)
Category 4 lenses (also suitable for beach & skiing), highest category of protection
The height of the lenses is over 30 mm, which guarantees a better protection for the eyes when viewing upwards (very common for children).
To about 6-9 years old 
-Black, Pink and Sripe 

Ki ET LA is a true pioneer in safety

Very resistant lenses and frames

Very light and soft frame

Environmentally friendly - taken into account throughout

Frames 100% recyclable