ManyMonths Natural Woollies Unisex Leggings

ManyMonths Natural Woollies Unisex Leggings

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ManyMonths Natural Woollies Unisex Leggings 

The Perfect Companion for Every Season

The ManyMonths Unisex Leggings are designed with the same concept as the other ManyMonths garments, to fit over seasons and grow with our children. They have an adjustable waist and long foldable cuffs on the legs. Practical and useful year-round, especially as an extra base layer in the colder seasons for staying warm and comfortable when the risk is of getting wet from snow or rain. There is also a version with knee patches that offers an extra layer of protection on the sensitive knee area.

Year-Round Comfort: Made of natural wool rib, these leggings provide insulation during cold months while wicking away moisture during warmer weather, making them suitable for all seasons.

Active or Relaxing Days: Whether our children are running in the forest, or playing at home, Woollies leggings adapt to their activity level, ensuring comfort.

Layering Essential: On really cold days, the Leggings can be worn under a shell layer or a suit for added warmth, while in transitional weather, they can be the primary lower layer.

Natural Breathability: Wool's unique properties allow for excellent air circulation, reducing the risk of overheating, especially important for young children.

Moisture Management: Wool naturally wicks away moisture, ensuring our children remain warm and feeling okay, whether splashing in puddles or facing unexpected rain.

Our children deserve the best. With Natural Woollies leggings, they get just that, no matter the season or reason!


Charmer/Explorer, 3–6/9 months, 62–80/86 cm
Adventurer, 1–2/2,5 years, 80–92/98 cm
Conqueror, 3–4,5/5 years, 98–104/110 cm
Innovator, 5–7/7,5 years, 110–122/128 cm
Enthusiast, 8–10 years, 128?134/140 cm
Lionheart, 10-12/13 years, 140-152/158 cm


  • 100% merino wool in Expedition weight, approx. 380 gsm
  • Oeko-Tex 100, Class I certified non-mulesing merino wool rib
  • No superwash, no moth treatment, and safe dyes used

Care Instructions

  • Hand wash or machine wash at a max. temperature of 30°C on a gentle wool cycle
  • When washing by hand, do not wring. Instead, press into a towel to remove excess water or machine spin at 400 rpm
  • Shape while damp and lay flat to dry
  • Do not tumble dry or bleach
  • We recommend airing wool garments outside to refresh them. It's unnecessary to wash after every use.
  • Use a detergent suitable for wool when washing your Natural Woollies, and let them rest between uses


  • Produced by a GOTS-certified manufacturer in China
  • Committed to fair working conditions, ethical practices, and ecological values
  • Partnership established in 2005, manufacturing Natural Woollies for us since 2007


  • Every item is designed in Finland by our head designer, Bettina Lindblom, a dedicated mother of three
  • Bettina is the founder of MaM Design/ManyMonths