ManyMonths Natural Woollies One Piece Suit

ManyMonths Natural Woollies One Piece Suit

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In the cold season woollen underwear is absolutely necessary for children here in the High North where the ManyMonths One Piece Suit was designed. However, our first trial batch showed that there is need for a practical wool suit also in other parts of Europe.

We have been informed that ManyMonths suit makes a perfect night garment in Mid-Europe in houses where the temperature might go down to 16°C during winter nights... In Finland many babies sleep outdoors in the stroller even in -10°C, usually with wool underneath and a snowsuit on top. Also suitable for babywearing, use in car, bike seats and strollers.

The ManyMonths Suit is sewn from a naturally stretchy 100% merino wool rib, the panty part is designed to be roomy and comfortable for both sleep and play, accommodating cloth diapers too. The Suit has long foldable cuffs on the sleeves and legs. It is supplied with an adjustable and flexible belt that has two options of placement (can be detached as well). A long high quality YKK-zipper with fabric protection at the top goes all the way down into one leg for easy dressing.

Charmer / Explorer: 3 -18 months (62-80/86 cm)
Adventurer: 1-2/2,5 years (80-92/98 cm)

100% merino wool is the greatest material for a thermal suit. The naturally curly merino wool fibres trap air making baby feel wonderfully warm, even in the coldest weather. Wool is fully breathable and it can absorb about a third of its own weight in fluid before feeling wet or even damp. Woollen underwear help to adjust body temperature keeping it optimal by matching temperature and moisture on the skin. Worth mentioning is the flame and dirt resistance of wool. Wool is especially safe as it will not easily ignite and it doesn't really burn. Also, wool is a sustainable, 100% compostable material when its time as a garment is over! 

Material: 100% natural merino wool rib, non-mulesing production, fabric made especially for us. Belt adjusting snap closure.