ManyMonths Natural Woollies Hooded Altair Multi-Cape UNiQUE

ManyMonths Natural Woollies Hooded Altair Multi-Cape UNiQUE

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Hooded Cape

A favorite of our popular cape family. Altair Multi-cape is a more angular shape and comes in three sizes.

We love layering clothes. Especially when wearing your baby in a sling.This cape is a quick, easy additional layer to wear when the evening gets chilly. Also suitable to wear in a stroller, car and bike seat. Later, it is perfect as a shoulder cape with a dress or skirt. Such a lovely garment for child play as well. (Be a bird, a bat, a knight, a princess...!)

Some kindergartens and schools prohibit the use of hoods and strings for safety reasons, thus the Multi-Cape has been designed to be a one-piece item with a lovely coconut button closure. The back is longer than the front to give warmth and allow for a multitude of use.

Material: 100% natural merino wool rib, non-mulesing production, fabric made especially for MaM Design. 

Explorer/ Adventurer: 6 months -2/2,5 years (68-92/98cm)
Conqueror/ Innovator: 3-7/7,5 years (98-122/128cm)
Enthusiast/ Lionheart: 8-12/13 years (128-152/158cm)