ManyMonths Natural Woollies Body/Shirt Long Sleeve 4-Season

ManyMonths Natural Woollies Body/Shirt Long Sleeve 4-Season

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ManyMonths Natural Woollies Body/Shirt Long Sleeve

These merino wool bodysuits are so cosy, that they are bound to quickly become a favourite piece in your baby’s wardrobe. Natural wool helps maintain the baby’s temperature and protects them from the cold.

The adjustable length allows space for cloth diapers (even the thicker night diapers), with two rows of snaps to adjust the height at the crotch. The material on the shoulders is overlapping, making it easier to put on.

This long sleeve bodysuit is made of merino wool rib fabric and it's the right choice to keep your growing baby warm. The crotch piece can be removed to transform it into a long sleeve shirt, making it fit even longer and a good choice for diaper-free babies.

It features foldable cuffs and the different sizes have been made to be worn for many months (or even years). Check our sizing chart for more information.

The stretchy rib-knit adjusts to their body and allows your little adventurer to crawl and move around freely. A true basic, made for indoor and outdoor play, that combines beautifully with all other products from ManyMonths.

Add Longies or Leggings, layer up with a Cardigan and get ready for outdoor adventures with our Elephant Hood.

Product Information


NewComer (0-3/4 months, 50-56/62 cm)

Charmer/Explorer (3-12/18 months, 62-80/86 cm)

Adventurer (1-2/2,5 years 80-92/98 cm)

Material: Stretchy rib-knit 100% natural merino wool

Oeko-tex 100, class I certified non-mulesing merino wool. No superwash, no moth treatment, safe dyes.

Washing Instructions: 

Care for your Natural 4-Season Woollies by 1) airing, 2) spot-cleaning, and 3) handwashing as they haven't been chemically treated. Pure merino wool fibres repel dirt and have self-cleaning properties. Airing in fresh air is the most important care. Airing after use significantly reduces the need for washing and will remove odors.

When a full wash is needed, turn the garments inside out, and hand wash in cool water (30°C), rinsing at the same temperature. Natural Woollies are sensitive to water temperature and agitation. Press the rinse water carefully out of the damp clothing, don't wring. Roll into a towel to expel excess water. Use a detergent suitable for wool (or baby shampoo). No enzymes.

Wool items do not need to be washed after every use. No bleach, no tumble dry.

Made by a GOTS-certified manufacturer in China since 2007 in fair working conditions, respecting ethical and ecological values.

All items are designed in Finland by our head designer Bettina Lindblom, the original founder of ManyMonths and MaM Design.

Benefits of Natural Merino Wool:
- Thermoregulation
- Breathability
- Keeps its shape well
- Wool wicks moisture away from the skin (absorbing up to ~30% of its own weight and still feeling dry to the touch)
- Anti-static and anti-bacterial properties
- Natural flame- and UV-resistance
- Less laundry (airing is usually enough when not stained)
- Less likely to absorb odours

ManyMonths®, MaM®  & MaD(TM) Natural Family Woollies - This is Why!

Our products are designed with clever details that make the clothes grow with our children, they fit cloth nappy bums, and babywearing needs. The women clothing adapts to fit throughout the stages of motherhood. In our collections, we put special focus on core items allowing free play, comfort during different weather conditions, capsule wardrobe principles, and clothing adapting to different usage.

Why Natural Merino Wool?

Natural merino wool fibres are amazing, active fibres that react to body temperature changes. There are tiny pockets of air within and between the merino fibres. This air does insulate us and our children from the cold. When our bodies get too warm, the Natural Family Woollies will release heat and moisture. The thermoregulation that pure merino wool offers is functional and wonderful all year round. To recap some of the beautiful benefits of merino wool: good insulation from both cold and heat, breathability, UV-protection, antistatic properties, fire resistance, superb warmth without bulk, beautiful colour rendering, perfect fit and all of it OekoTex 100, class I certified, completely safe without chemicals, naturally and sustainably.