ManyMonths ECO Hempies Wave Summer Hat

ManyMonths ECO Hempies Wave Summer Hat

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There are two new Summer Hat designs with double brims for added UV protection: Bonny and Wave.  Wave has a flowing brim mimicking the ocean movement we love so much.

These hats are both uniquely beautiful and the brims are wide and long in the back as for all ManyMonths Summer Hats.

Choose the size according to head circumference 

Charmer/Explorer ca 43-49 cm 

Adventurer/Conqueror ca 47-54 cm 

Innovator & Enthusiast ca 53-57 cm 

ATTN: If your child has thick hair, prefers a looser fit, or has a head circumference close to the maximum, rather choose the next size. 

Please note that the brim width also gets bigger.

The colour of undyed, natural hemp depends on where it has grown as it retains the colour of the fibre. Every batch of fabric will have a somewhat different shade. It can be lighter or darker - from almost white to yellowish, light beige, or slightly greyish.

The hat will soften and expand somewhat in use. If your child feels the hat is tight, please remove the adjustable elastic. Use gentle wash with liquid detergent without bleaching agents. When planning to wear the hat in a chlorinated pool or salty ocean water we recommend the Natural colour. 

Material: 55% hemp/45% organic cotton