manduca Twist, grey-mint

manduca Twist, grey-mint

Product number: 266-02-80-000
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Manduca Twist Carrier

The Manduca Twist is a carrier that combines the adaptability of a wrap and the ease of use of the carrier. It’s a so-called hybrid carrier, or half buckle with a buckled padded waist belt and soft long cloth straps that distribute the child’s weight evenly over the wearer’s shoulders.

Manduca Twist grows with your child

Manduca Twist grows with your baby from newborn to toddler. It is most comfortable for small babies up to about 9 kg. The carrier includes everything you need to carry even as your baby grows, and no separate accessories are needed.

Panel width adjustment by folding the panel down

Panel height min. 36 cm, max. 46 cm

Minimum weight 3.5 kg

Weight limit max 15 kg

Easy adjustments and ergonomic design

Comfortable for caregiver and child

Optimal support for the child's back and legs

Ergonomic M-position

The Manduca Twist is ergonomic for the wearer and the child. The child sits in the carrier in the M-position recommended by professionals, where the child's bottom is below the knees, with the panel supporting the child's legs from kneepit to kneepit.

Padded waistbelt

Easy to close 3-point buckle

The Manduca Twist is suitable for caregivers of different sizes and lengths and is easy to adjust to suit both the wearer and the child. The support is provided by the straps made of the wrap fabric and the hip belt distributing the child's weight evenly to the wearer's body.

Carry on the front or back

The Manduca Twist has two ergonomic carrying positions to choose from: carrying on the front and carrying on the back. The Manduca Twist is suitable for use on the front of the wearer from the newborn and on the back after the baby has grown slightly.

With the Manduca Twist, you can carry on the back earlier than many other carriers, as its pouch-like carrying panel gives the child good lateral and back support. Always monitor the child's alertness and well-being when carrying it on your back.

Practical for families

The carrier is handy in the baby year and beyond. Babies and children enjoy being in the arms of a parent. In the carrier, the child is allowed to be close to the parent and see his or her face and reaction. The carrier frees the wearer's hands, so when you carry it, you can go outside or do light everyday chores at home with your child close to you.

The Manduca Twist is quick to put on and take off. It fits in a small space, so you can carry the carrier with you in the lower basket of the stroller, in the car or in the diaper bag. In a baby carrier, you can also go to  places that cannot be reached with a stroller or pram. A carrier is a good choice for family moments at home, for a walk on a forest trail or a grocery store, for example.

Product information

Country of manufacture: Czech Republic

Weight limit: 3.5 - 15 kg

Instructions for use: The package contains the illustrated instructions for use.

Material: 100% certified organic cotton

Washing instructions: delicate wash max 30 degrees

No bleaching, no tumble drying. We recommend a liquid delicate detergent that does not contain bleach or optical brighteners for the Manduca Twist