MaM Natural Woollies MotherHood Sweater

MaM Natural Woollies MotherHood Sweater

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You've eagerly asked, and the accompaniment to the Motherhood Tunic is ready now: the new MotherHood Sweater with natural coconut buttons on both sides, suitable for pregnancy, breastfeeding and all other times of use. Long sleeves, enough length to cover the tummy, an easy breastfeeding solution, stretch, and ultimate comfort. Open as many buttons as you like, just enough to uncover the breast, or even the complete row when the baby needs to be fully skin-to-skin.

Product Information




Material: Stretchy rib-knit 100% natural merino wool

Oeko-tex 100, class I certified non-mulesing merino wool. No superwash, no moth treatment, safe dyes.


Washing Instructions: 

Hand wash in lukewarm water or machine wash in 30°C on a gentle wool cycle (spin 400-600). Use a detergent suitable for wool (or baby shampoo). No enzymes.

We recommend airing outdoors in fresh air (a balcony or open window will be fine too).

Wool items do not need to be washed after every use. No bleach, no tumble dry.


Made by a GOTS certified manufacturer in China since 2007 in fair working conditions, respecting ethical and ecological values.


All items are designed in Finland by our head designer Bettina Lindblom, the original founder of ManyMonths and MaM Design.


Benefits of Natural Merino Wool:

- Thermoregulation

- Breathability

- Keeps its shape well

- Wool wicks moisture away from the skin (absorbing up to ~30% of its own weight and still feeling dry to the touch)

- Anti-static and anti-bacterial properties

- Natural flame- and UV-resistance

- Less laundry (airing is usually enough when not stained)

- Less likely to absorb odours